About the Platform

Rumarocket is an end-to-end talent management platform that uses skill-based assessments and big data analytics to help companies identify and engage the right talents for their needs.

How it Works


Identify the best talents for your company:

Save time and money hiring the right people through our big data approach to hiring


Grow these talents on the platform:

Measure the effectiveness of your company’s training materials through historical employee performance data and other comprehensive insights


Actively engage these talents to maximize their potential:

Communicate and actively exchange ideas with your talents through a two-way feedback system built into the platform


4 out of 8

A Performance-based Hiring Approach

Uses assessments and algorithms to help companies hire people based on their actual skill-levels

Big Data Hiring

Automates the process of looking through resumes and assessments for
the "right" fit based on your company's needs

Measure Hiring Effectiveness

Track employees to determine how long they stay in the company, and how their work satisfaction is affected over time.

Predict Successful Hires 

Data on successful employees is funnelled back to the hiring process, helping companies hire talent more efficiently.


8 out of 8

Personalized Evaluation Process

Create company-specific evaluations and assessments focused on measuring your organization's core competencies 

Compare Your Talent with Other Companies

Algorithm standardizes performance measurement on the platform, helping you compare your talents' performance with similar companies

Real Time Performance Analytics

Get automatically notified if there are drastic changes in your talent's performance, helping you spend the most time with those who need it.

Open Communication Channels

Use a built in messaging system to effectively communicate and interact with your talents

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